My Favourites So Far
Track One - Session
I was originally approached by Irish flutist Hanz Araki to record some choreography music. The music was never used for the project, but the tunes turned out so well I had to use it somewhere! Guitarist Cary Novotny played on the track, and Hanz provided flutes, whistles and bodhran. I had a lot of fun playing bass on this one!
Aye Toons - 2007
Track Two - Four Mile Stone
Five Days in April 2002
Seanachie/Raven/Ann Gray
This album was a lot of fun to put together. This is a set from the CD put together by Dan Compton with some percussive help from Robin Tufts and me on bass. I love the slinky feel of the first tune!
Track Three - Every Road
Achaean Moon - 2005
Thom Dudley

Celtic Wedding Music Vol 2 - 2007
Rose & Thistle Band
Track Four -The Wedding Reel
Track Five - 79ths Farewell to Gibralter/ Barren Rocks of Aden
The Standards - 2000
Rob Barrick
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Thom Dudley is a terrific songwriter that I have had the privilege to work with for many years. This song has a great feel and features Robin Tufts on drums, Peter Clark on guitar, Eddie Parente on violin, and me on bass and a little pipes at the end for flavour!
A long time collaboration with Celtic harpist Elizabeth Nicholson led to several albums of Celtic wedding music, and more recently the World music ensemble, Stringed Migration. This tune is a classic Irish reel slowed down which emphasizes the beautiful melody. I played upright bass and Uilleann Pipes on this track.
As a lighter competition march, the 79ths holds up well with a strong melody. The Barren Rocks provides a nice key change and goes well with the first tune.
Track Six - Before Coffee
Foot to the Ground - 2004
Pied a Terre
I played in a Contra dance band for years and had a blast. Those bands play great music and I was fortunate enough to play with some of the best like Pied a Terre. These tunes were written by Dan Compton and have a great feel. I played bass and djembe.
Track Seven - Chloe's Passion/Indoor Driving
Indoor Driving - 2000
Chloe's Passion is one of those tunes you wrote yourself. A slip jig written by R S MacDonald with a terrifically catchy melody. I played Smallpipes and bass on this, doubling the melody with the bass in the first two parts.
Indoor Driving was written by me in a car on the way to the BC Indoor Competition one year. I had to find some paper quickly when I got there to jot down the tune in my head!
Track Eight - Highland Laddie
Five Nationals - 2011
Rob Barrick
As well as one of the first tunes people learn on the pipes, it is a competition National Dance that I have played at dance competitions for years. I felt it needed an update. Eddie Parente played guitar and added the jazz feel I was going for. I played bass and a Carbony Carbon Fibre whistle.
Track Nine - My Home Set
Irishtown Sessions - 2015
New Shilling
New Shilling is a group that I have played with for about 30 years. Originally called Full Shilling, the band has gone through a few changes over the years. This set is one of our older medleys and has been updated more than a few times. It can be updated every time we play actually. This version I played the Deger chanter and bass.
Track Ten - The Unreel
New Shilling - 2007 & Aye Toons
I wanted to write something with a kind of big band arrangement that included pipes. After coming up with this melody, I hired some jazz players that I had worked with in the studio, and ended up with this tune, horns and all! Bass and pipes from me.
Track Eleven - Princess Royal/Sa'iidi Celtic
New Shilling - 2007
The first tune is a well known gem, given special treatment by Eddie Parente on Citern and violin. I have always been fascinated by different cultures' rhythmic ideas and learned a few rhythms on the djembe. After playing this particular rhythm on that drum for a while, I came up with a melody that would work. Using the Deger chanter, I wrote the second tune in A minor.
Track Twelve - Waltz Sandwich
Aye Toons - 2007
Rob Barrick
The first waltz is called, Baroque-in-pipes and has a slight classical feel. The second was written for my home town. The third was written for my dad and step mom's 10th wedding anniversary. Then the first is repeated hence the sandwich part. Dan Compton played some brilliant guitar accompanying my smallpipes.
Track Thirteen - The Lights of Scotland
Scotland's Lighthouses - 2000
Cal Scott
I was hired to play pipes on the documentary, Scotland's Lighthouses. Cal Scott composed the score for the video, and wrote some incredible pipe tunes! This one is the first piece on the video and is a strong opener.
Track Fourteen - Mr MacCarthur
Eye of the Beholder - 1990
Full Shilling
Steve Mulligan was an original member of the band, and is an amazing songwriter. He contributed several pieces to the band's repertoire, this being one of my favourites. He wrote about growing up in Scotland. I was using a rather cheap bass at that point, but I loved the sound from this recording.
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